week seven: yogurt pwns mini marshmallows

So I have a question. When did yogurt up and get all kinds of fucking delicious? Is it me? Am I old and now like old people food? Was good yogurt always amazeballs but I ate crap yogurt like RiteAid brand or something?

I’m not sure exactly what has happened, but when I eat yogurt now, I make love to that shit.

OK, to be honest, I know a little bit why this is. I’m nursing and baby previously balked at any dairy in my diet. That was a big give for me as I’m a whore for cereal. But baby comes first and his gas pains were a real bummer. Now, though, he’s growing up and it was time to try and introduce yogurt and a bit of cheese into his diet.

So when I fed him those first spoonfuls of plain yogurt sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon and he didn’t explode, I felt my spirit soar – dairy (at least some of it) was no longer on the verboten list.

By now you might be thinking, well, shit – I like yogurt, too. But what the fuck does it have to do with minimalism?

Decluttering my house is awesome. Necessary. Lessening my time online checking email and Facebook is fantastic. Helps me appreciate the here and now. But minimalism is also about a lifestyle shift. Being a better me, a simpler me. The best version of myself I can achieve.

And right now, the me I am just ate two chunks of raw Pillsbury cookie dough from the fridge. One hundred and fifty calories each. And completely lacking in anything redeeming, health-wise.

See, nursing moms are bottomless pits. At least I am. I’m a truffle-hunting pig, ransacking my cupboards and fridge for yummy morsels buried within. I eat three squares a day and snack liberally. Husband watches me fill my plate with a mix of admiration and horror, apparently appalled at the amount of food I can put away. The man outweighs me by 75 pounds and I can eat him under the table.

Most of the food I’m scarfing at mealtime is good. A fair amount of fruit and veg. Lean meats and protein. Not much in the way of processed food. But the in-between times? Um… that would be Pocky from the Japanese grocery store, Chuao chocolate bars, Fig Newmans, the aforementioned cookie dough… and for a few days, giant handfuls of mini marshmallows that I would shamefully stuff into my mouth as quickly as possible, before husband could see. After going through nearly a whole bag in 48 hours, I tossed them in the garbage. And then had to pour coffee grounds on them to stop myself from digging back into them. Truth.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. But my insatiable nursing mama appetite has turned me into a sugar-coated monster and it needs to stop.

Enter good old yogurt. I realized something. For whatever reason, yogurt seems magical to me right now. Forbidden for so long and so deliciously tempting with its Greek exoticism and fancy flavors like fig and vanilla bean-boysenberry (and of course the not-so-fancy yet always tasty peach and blueberry). I should embrace yogurt – sugary and sweet enough to scratch my itch, but made with actual food, as opposed to mini marshmallows and Pocky.

So I’ve put a moratorium on processed sweets. My nightly dessert (as this course is a non-negotiable) will be yogurt. And the snacking during the day? I have three options:

1. More yogurt.

2. Shove banana in face. (This one really works, I’m usually never hungry after a banana.)

3. Nuts.

Simple, healthy and good. Wish me luck!

Oh. And the cookie dough? I tossed it into the trash. And then dumped coffee grounds on it. Only way to keep myself honest.