I promise I’m coming back!

I have about four half-written (OK maybe more like one-quarter written) posts queued up. I haven’t been able to man up and finish them, mainly due to:

1. The Olympics. Sorry but gymnastics, track & field, beach volleyball (hot bitches!) and pretty much every other event has been eating up all my free time. My husband is just about over it and he runs upstairs after the baby goes to sleep to listen to records on his own, while I curl up on the sofa and watch 100M heats. So good!

2. It’s FUCKING HOT. Last couple weeks it’s been hot here. For you bitches not from SoCal, let me tell you – older homes here don’t have A/C. It’s like every single fucking house that was built between 1920 and 1970 was finished in May or June, when it’s like 72 degrees every damn day with a glorious, playful wind rolling in from the ocean. They must have been like “A/C? We don’t need no fucking A/C!” And laughed while drinking Coronas on their deck. But when August and September hit and it hits 92 by 9:30AM you are FUCKED! Poor baby has had a sweaty head for like three weeks. So I’m crabby and hot.

3. Speaking of crabby, baby is cutting new teeth this week too… so basically he’s pissed all the time. At me. At his water sippy. At the dog. Teething tablets and distractions help, but he is tiring my ass OUT.

So I’m going to take the rest of the summer off and come back after Labor Day. It will still be hot (early fall SoCal bonus: the county might also be on fire!) but the Olympics will be over (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and hopefully baby will have his brand-new teeth and be back to eating, being nice, not throwing toys at the dog, etc.

Have a great late summer!


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